What Does The Coronavirus Mean For Your Job Search?

Below are some helpful tips to help prepare yourself when the market picks up again.
1.Build your network: It’s always been about who you know. Now is the time more than ever to utilize LinkedIn to connect with old colleagues, reach out to lost college friends, and consider asking for recommendations from previous supervisors.
2.Revise that resume and LinkedIn profile: Connect with a local career services professional to review and revise your resume and LinkedIn profile, while you simultaneously support a small businesses in your area. If need be, many professionals can practice mock interviewing with you as well.
3. Do your research: Learn more about the companies or industries you are targeting. i.e.) Is the company allowing remote work at this time or after the pandemic? Are they supporting workers in other creative ways? Did they recently lay off staff? When you do have a chance to interview, you’ll be able to demonstrate that you understand the concerns leadership has and the threats the company faces from this pandemic,
4. Boost your skills: Now is the perfect time to work on bolstering your qualifications. Consider taking an online class, Microsoft training, a tutorial or industry certification that you will make you more qualified and desirable when the time comes for you to return to work.
For more information and some additional helpful tips to help you learn more about how you can use this time at home to your career advantage, please read through the article below.

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