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"Lauren was exceptional at helping me craft and build my resume and cover letter. She paid great attention to detail and was extremely diligent in meeting all of my needs. I would recommend her to any college student or seasoned professional in need of a stellar resume builder."

Laurence H.

Business Development Manager

"Lauren helped me bring my resume in to the new millennium. While I'd updated my recent jobs over the years, the basic outline was the same and it was getting too long due to my 'append only' approach. Lauren did an awesome job of steering the document back on course, freshening the style and adding pop that honestly really never would have occurred to me. She was extremely professional, timely in her responses and kept me honest on keeping up my end of the bargain. If you need some help getting your resume on track, Lauren is a great resource to have on your team."

Brian S.

Sr QA Manager

"I hired Lauren as a career advisor for my firm in 2019. Lauren is one of the most diligent and efficient advisors I have met. Her energy and determination is second to none."

Jason F.

Financial Market Data Leader

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